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((Does anyone know of any Jake English roleplayers?))

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you gotta go with the flow you know when you throw out your rhyme you show that you can drop it on a dime go slow or mow through the competition like a mission youre a rhyming word tactician and you can transition like a professional musician bitches should pay tuition everytime you drop it in addition youve got the ammunition in your wordplay timin the beat startin the heat theyre stompin their feet against the concrete tryin to defeat but they cant compete theyd best retreat

actually man
i mean i gotta respect you
mean id never expect you to
have such a effect

its effective
your style
fast and reflexive
no time
to be introspective tonight

right in the zone
i can taste it
and whats more you str8 face it
you 8nt never str8 lace it
no ones whore you 8ack 8r8k them
your opponents your fists up
theyre all to slow cuz you zip up
although after the show you know
when to speak
after your peak
just sneak in after your win a thin lipped
your tone dipped

suuuuuuuup :::;)

well look at this!!
a circle jerk.
a 69 of shitty quirks.
sittin pretty in your dresses
tea parties fraid of messes
soft caresses in excesses.

you aint rapping youre just playing.
pretending you hard but bitches?
i can see the flash cards.
need to be schooled you dumb fools.
rusted tools any heat? cooled.
you got no fire i tire of whack ass raps that transpire
before me.
liars got nothing for me.

weak you aint real.
boys i’m a mountain
you a hill- got no peak.
while i freak, rule, you kneel .
like a dog man you heal.
so sit boy.
let’s face it boy.
your collective flow??
got no appeal.

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Dec 02

a bunch of you seem a little down today??

but you know it’s friday, right!


thats actually

really really funny

it’s inherent, not even about being a strider or an egbert. it’s all on john. john is just the having babies sort, it’s cool, i understand. he needs to understand too.

==> Text John at ONCE.